Beautiful Georgian Windows and Designs in Lincoln, Lincolnshire

Delight in our authentic additions to your home such as Georgian window designs. Situated in Lincoln, Lincolnshire, our experienced staff provide helpful advice on our range of stunning Georgian windows. As a local family business, we pride ourselves on our customer service that prioritises excellence from start to finish, and we manufacture high-quality units for prices that are kind to your budget.


Contact us in Lincoln, Lincolnshire, to find out more about our Georgian windows and Georgian window designs.

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Traditional Georgian Pieces

You are spoiled for choice with our Georgian range here at Allenby Glass. We also provide a service called astragal, which involves a selection of framing solutions. The frames are made with the same spacer bar to make the units differ from traditional window panes, as they are represented in smaller pieces.

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Tailored to Your Needs

You are able to bring us your own sizes or alternatively, a photograph, and we’ll see if we can match your specifications. Most of our clients tell us what kind of frames that they would like, and our professionals design the Georgian unit around the frame styles. The specialists from our business excel in finding what works best along with providing suitable advice and guidance.

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Important Details

Our Georgian units are fully customisable, available in a range of thickness and colour choices, your unit can usually be made within the same week. Please note that we offer a supply-only service at the moment. 

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