Shop High-Quality Mirrors in Lincoln, Lincolnshire

Add a touch of style and elegance to your home interior with our range of mirrors. Allenby Glass in Lincoln, Lincolnshire, provides stunning mirror designs that stand out from the rest with their high-quality finish. Our mirrors are available in either 4 or 6mm thicknesses, and are made to measure using your own sizes or a template.  Like our other glass products, our professionals create beautiful mirrors rather than simply cutting and fitting standard glass in a frame.


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Edge Work

Firstly, the edges can be grounded, which means the removal of the sharp edge. This is normally done for safety reasons if the edges are exposed, and can be completed on 4 and 6mm mirrors. After grounding, the edge is removed and polished for a smooth finish. The final process involves chamfered edges, and the minimum sizes for this are 10 up to 25 on a 4mm mirror and 36 on a 6mm mirror. This process is carried out to enhance the complete look of your mirror.

Adding Holes

Just like other glass types, different sizes of holes are able to be drilled or cut out in your mirror. Notches or finger pulls can also be added, however as your mirror cannot be toughened, we do advise that holes are kept to a minimum. These can weaken your mirror and also affect the installation.

Ultimate Protection

All of our mirrors come with full protection for your peace of mind. This includes a green film that prevents any shards of glass falling off if the mirror cracks or shatters.

Bespoke Designs

When you fancy a unique design, look to our professionals for helpful advice and guidance. You are able to choose from several coloured and decorative designs, or make your own with the help of our in-house designer.

The Installation

Your mirror is able to be attached to the wall using a specialist mirror adhesive or brackets for a secure fitting. Alternatively, holes can be drilled into each corner along with the use of chrome dome head screws and caps.

An Efficient Service

Straight-cut mirrors that require framing are able to be made the same day with our swift and efficient service. All of our other processed mirrors require a 10-day lead time for the manufacture.