Greenhouse Glass from Specialists in Lincoln, Lincolnshire

Whatever your glass needs are, the team at Allenby Glass are ready to assist you. Located in Lincoln, Lincolnshire, 

you are able to find what you are looking for with our range of different sizes of glass. 


Our team of professionals are able to cut your greenhouse glass to whatever shapes that you require for your convenience

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Array Of Benefits

Owning a greenhouse means that you are able to enjoy growing plants, vegetables, and fruit at a faster rate, as the heat from the sun is kept inside. The traditional option of greenhouse glass outshines the rest by allowing the ultraviolet rays to effortlessly pass through the greenhouse.

Well-Made Glass

The whole idea of a greenhouse is to let light and heat in.  By heating up the floor, plants and soil flourish as they are living in a higher temperature than outside. The glass has to be well-made and fitted to perfection so that it doesn’t have gaps between the frame and the edge. We offer 3mm horticultural clear glass in the following traditional sizes:


Competitively Priced Service

Catering to all of your specific requirements, we cut our standard sheets to any particular size and shape at no extra charge. Please note that shaped pieces require either a template or a drawing. 

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